Ultimate Goal


Fresh from last season's success, we were highly motivated and decided to use a conveyer belt and flywheel system to launch rings into the high goal. We decided to use an arm to intake rings so that we could keep things simple. One of the main reasons behind using an arm was that our conveyer was so big that there wasn't any room for a wheel intake.

Unfortunately, this was the era that covid & the quarantine that came with it hit. Two of our members left, and one was unable to meet in person, so we only had three people that were able to contribute to the robot this season. We did decently well at qualifiers, for three people, and placed 14th/23 and 8th/14. We even managed to get the " Collins Aerospace Innovate Award 2nd Place" for our unique design. The judges didn't see any designs with an arm, and ours had several unique mechanisms.

Beside from working on our robot, we also launched our first website, purely using HTML & CSS, and made plans for outreach that got canceled because of covid.

Unfortunately we do not have many team pictures from this year

Engineering Portfolio