This was our rookie year! We started out with a rev kit and followed the basic bot guide. It used a claw and a basic 4 wheeled chassis. However, after going to our first qualifier and placing 20th out of 24 teams, we realized that we must completely change our robot in order to stand a chance.

We decided that we wanted to be really good at just moving blocks from one side of the field to the other, and relying on our alliance partner to do stacking. To do this, we added to motors with wheels attached to them to create a rudimentary wheel intake that stored blocks inside the center of the robot. We did this because we were a rookie team and didn't have any experience with designing a robot by ourselves and no idea how linear slides worked. We also implemented mecanum wheels because we noticed that other teams were able to maneuver extremely easily with them, this was an incredibly vital decision, that made our robot much better.

When we competed at our second qualifier, we managed to place second! We , unfortunately, weren't able to advance into regionals and were eliminated in the finals, but we were really happy about this season and all that we learned and achieved.