Freight Frenzy


This was our third year! We recruited four new members from another team, to make up for lost members from the previous This year, we decided to approach hardware with a new set of parts, making our robot a REV Robotics, GoBilda ,and Actobotics, part hybrid.

It used wheel intake to intake wheels into our deposit box, and a linear slide carried freight into the alliance shipping hub. It also had wheels on the side to spin the carousel. We placed 8th/14 and 10th/24 and won the design award. If we could change one thing about our design it would be our intake, our cycle time was 30+ seconds because the intake would get jammed by balls, to fix this we could of used surgical tubing that attached to 3d printed inserts

Outside of the competition, we managed to CAD our entire robot and worked on driver assist, so that we could get more familiar with these tools for future seasons.


Engineering Portfolio 2021